Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day Seven - A week of images from around our home

Well - today is the last day of the tour around our home, so here is the final image. I hope you have all enjoyed a little glimpse into the home I share with my wonderful family.

From next week I will be bringing you all a weekly mood board featuring my favourite images for weddings, interiors, the garden and lots lots more.

If any one would like either their home, garden, favourite recipes or even their wedding to be featured on the blog - please send me an email to with 5 to 6 images.


My crafty work space.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Day One - A week of images from around our home

Here I am - day one of my new blog!!!

I thought it would be lovely to start off with a little insight into my home that I share with my wonderful husband, our four beautiful children, our cocker spaniel - Gabby and our two cats - Pebble & Kitty.

Each day over the next seven days I will be publishing one image from around our home. First up.....

My Little Workspace