Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A day in the life of....................me!!

These regular posts on a Tuesday will be a personal diary of my life on a Monday. I know this may be quite personal, but I think it is important for readers of any blog to have an insight in to the person behind the script.
I hope it works and I hope I do not bore you to much with my every day ramblings.......so here goes!!!

8.20am Up and out. Poppet (as I will be referring to my children) 2 is performing this evening at a charity concert in Auckland so early rehearsal for her....
9.00am Grab a quick coffee before settling down to lots of admin - quotes, filing and the never ending task of invoice inputting!!!
11.00am Short break from admin to take a quick look through blogs I follow, Facebook and Twitter accompanied by one of my tigers!!!

12.30pm Time for lunch......Tomato & Basil soup and sour dough bread today.
1.00pm Time to blog. I try and schedule my blogs so that I am not grasping at ideas the day before. Well that is the plan!!!
2.45pm The school run.....
3.30pm Heading up the motorway to Hockey where Poppet 1 & 2 play on a Monday.
6.00pm Back home for a quick tea.........Pasta with spinach & ricotta this evening.
6.15pm Back out to take Poppet 2 to the charity concert. She needs to be back stage by 6.45pm.....she is very excited!!!
7.00pm Back home and Mr VS is back. Bath time and bed for the poppets.
8.00pm My working day commences again. Lots of emails to reply to and blog posts to finalise. Quick check and pack of a small order that I have going out tomorrow.
10.30pm Phew!!!!! Bed time. xxxx

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  1. I did enjoy reading this this morning. It made my days not seem so mundane and boring, when I read other peoples feeds and blogs I get a bit overawed by all the marvellous goings on especially when I have to go off and do the grocery shopping!

    I shall keep going and look at the things I do and achieve in a completely different way.

    Thank You

    Jane x