Monday, 28 November 2011

Through the letterbox.......................

I apologise for my lack of posting over the past week but the Wedding Season has begun and I have been a little busy bee packing up orders of china - day and night!!!
Anyone wishing to book with Vintage Simplicity or who have already booked and have their event coming up will be extremely happy to know that this pile of gorgeous china arrived from London on Friday..........

Stunning vintage china 

Monday, 21 November 2011

Through the letterbox.......................

What more could a girl ask for than to start her week with a lovely surprise through her letterbox!!
Such a big thank you to Christall of the most gorgeous online store - Maisy & Grace for sending my little Giveaway prize. xxxx

Perfect Wrapping
Perfect Gifts

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fun on a Sunday

Sundays are all about relaxing, spending time together as a family, good music, wine & food.
This Sunday was a little different in our household as we began the traditions of Christmas - making the cake & the pudding , making the mincemeat and even buying the all important tin of Roses!!!

A little bit of Christmas

Getting Crafty.....

This week I had a little browse around the local fabric shops looking for lovely lace that I have an ongoing use for.........more of that at a later date!!
Whilst there, I came across some gorgeous printed cotton fabric - perfect for a summer skirt that I have been hunting for over the past few months.
Now anyone who knows me, certainly will know that I am not a sewer and never have been. BUT a girl has to start somewhere!!!!
I will keep you posted...........

My little crafty space
All set and ready to go!!!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Fridays Favourites

I am totally and utterly addicted to Lobster & Swan . The styling, the ideas, the inspiration, the passion - everything............xxxx

Source: Lobster & Swan

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A day in the life!!

These regular posts on a Tuesday will be a personal diary of my life on a Monday. I know this may be quite personal, but I think it is important for readers of any blog to have an insight in to the person behind the script.
I hope it works and I hope I do not bore you to much with my every day here goes!!!

8.20am Up and out. Poppet (as I will be referring to my children) 2 is performing this evening at a charity concert in Auckland so early rehearsal for her....
9.00am Grab a quick coffee before settling down to lots of admin - quotes, filing and the never ending task of invoice inputting!!!
11.00am Short break from admin to take a quick look through blogs I follow, Facebook and Twitter accompanied by one of my tigers!!!

12.30pm Time for lunch......Tomato & Basil soup and sour dough bread today.
1.00pm Time to blog. I try and schedule my blogs so that I am not grasping at ideas the day before. Well that is the plan!!!
2.45pm The school run.....
3.30pm Heading up the motorway to Hockey where Poppet 1 & 2 play on a Monday.
6.00pm Back home for a quick tea.........Pasta with spinach & ricotta this evening.
6.15pm Back out to take Poppet 2 to the charity concert. She needs to be back stage by 6.45pm.....she is very excited!!!
7.00pm Back home and Mr VS is back. Bath time and bed for the poppets.
8.00pm My working day commences again. Lots of emails to reply to and blog posts to finalise. Quick check and pack of a small order that I have going out tomorrow.
10.30pm Phew!!!!! Bed time. xxxx

Monday, 14 November 2011

Through the letterbox.......

I happen to love receiving just about anything through the letterbox (give or take the odd bill or two!!) so when this little package winged it's way over from the lovely Cassandra of Gracies Garden Bazaar I was absolutely taken aback by the beautiful packaging.........cut out butterfly's from vintage books, pretty tags & a beautifully handwritten note accompanied my package.
I am yet to open the package but I do know what is inside.....So pop on over to Cassandra's lovely Folksy Shop to take a peek at all the beautiful things on offer.

A new beginning........

I am so sorry that this blog has been somewhat neglected of late BUT.......I promise I am back with the following posts on a regular weekly basis.....

Mondays - Through the letterbox........
Tuesdays - A day in the life!!
Wednesdays - Wedding Wednesdays
Thursday - A Vintage Home
Friday - Fridays favourites
Saturday - Getting crafty
Sunday - Fun on a Sunday

I hope you can all follow me and most of all........enjoy!!!! xxxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day Seven - A week of images from around our home

Well - today is the last day of the tour around our home, so here is the final image. I hope you have all enjoyed a little glimpse into the home I share with my wonderful family.

From next week I will be bringing you all a weekly mood board featuring my favourite images for weddings, interiors, the garden and lots lots more.

If any one would like either their home, garden, favourite recipes or even their wedding to be featured on the blog - please send me an email to with 5 to 6 images.


My crafty work space.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Day One - A week of images from around our home

Here I am - day one of my new blog!!!

I thought it would be lovely to start off with a little insight into my home that I share with my wonderful husband, our four beautiful children, our cocker spaniel - Gabby and our two cats - Pebble & Kitty.

Each day over the next seven days I will be publishing one image from around our home. First up.....

My Little Workspace